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I have been able to work from home for most of the year (since March), but recently I needed to travel for my job. Before I left for the trip I had finished prototypes for my two main games, but I didn't start a new sprint. Now that I am back from travel, (I seem to still be healthy) I haven't started working on a new prototype. I will probably take a longer break before I start the next prototype, but I am also considering starting a new game before then.
The newest version of "CalAdvent" was released on Thanksgiving. I have some ideas for a new version, but I haven't decided on making an update yet.

Development on the newest version of "CalAdvent" is going well and appears to be on track for a Thanksgiving release. The last two sprints for my main game projects were very short and I could be finishing the major prototype versions of both of them in a few months. The big thing I am considering now is if I want to start working on another game (to be on par with my two main game projects) now or keep it stewing in my head for longer.

I have released the newest version of "CalAdvent" on April 30th, I finished a sprint on my dungeon game, and I have recently finished off the main prototype versions for my two main game projects. I have decided to take a little break from the coding development for my main game projects and go into what I am calling an interlude phase where I will be working on different parts of the game outside of actual coding.

I am lucky that I am able to work my day job from home. So I don't have to worry about getting a normal pay check like others have to deal with in this troubled times, but it also means that I don't have "extra" free time which I could use on my personal projects. I was actually supposed to leave for a vacation yesterday, but that was pushed back so hopefully it will happen later in the year.
I have been making decent progress on my projects and I might be able to release the update to "CalAdvent" before the end of April. I am also close to finishing the seventh prototype of my adventure game which should happen during the first half of April.

I wasn't able to implement all the new features I was planning for "CalAdvent" in 2019 so I decided to continue development into 2020. I would like to release a version of "CalAdvent" for the computer, but I am not sure if I will attempt that later this year or in 2021.
I am continuing to make progress on my games, but only one is getting kind of close to being releasable. That being said I it is still no where close to being released this year and I expect that 2021 is also too early.

The newest update to "CalAdvent" was released today. My original plan was to release version 2.0 in November, but I don't know if I will have the time to include the new feature. It still might come, but right now I am planning on just releasing a smaller 1.4 update in November instead.
I have recently completed some new versions on my game projects, but all of them are far away from being ready to release.

My project development has been going well and the update to "CalAdvent" should be coming out in either late June or early July.
Now for some Nintendo E3 predictions. First off I expect that Pokemon Sword and Shield will be given a release date of November 22nd and new Pokemon will be reviled either during the show or a few days earlier in a Pokemon Direct. I also expect that the second Smash Bros DLC fighter will be reviled and will be scheduled release for either June or July (it could be released as early as June 11th). My last prediction is that a new (could be a port) Metroid game will be reviled.

I have started working on a new game this year while I have also continued to work on my other unannounced games which I was working on last year. I have also been working on an update to CalAdvent that I hope to release in March.

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