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The newest update to "CalAdvent" was released today. My original plan was to release version 2.0 in November, but I don't know if I will have the time to include the new feature. It still might come, but right now I am planning on just releasing a smaller 1.4 update in November instead.
I have recently completed some new versions on my game projects, but all of them are far away from being ready to release.

My project development has been going well and the update to "CalAdvent" should be coming out in either late June or early July.
Now for some Nintendo E3 predictions. First off I expect that Pokemon Sword and Shield will be given a release date of November 22nd and new Pokemon will be reviled either during the show or a few days earlier in a Pokemon Direct. I also expect that the second Smash Bros DLC fighter will be reviled and will be scheduled release for either June or July (it could be released as early as June 11th). My last prediction is that a new (could be a port) Metroid game will be reviled.

I have started working on a new game this year while I have also continued to work on my other unannounced games which I was working on last year. I have also been working on an update to CalAdvent that I hope to release in March.

I have released A.C. which has the final name "CalAdvent" and is now available for download from Apple's iOS App Store for free. In a nutshell, the application is an Advent Calendar, but it can be used to countdown any event and not just Christmas. I am also getting close to finishing a minor update to Anime Face.

I am currently working on A.C. as I am trying to get it ready for a release later this year. To ensure that I can get the application in the state I want for the release, I am neglecting some of my other projects for the time being. Hopefully I will be able to resume working on G.K. in a few months.

I had a productive week finishing off major versions for G.B.D. and G.K. while finishing a minor version of A.C., besides finishing those versions I also finished a feature in my platformer prototype. I think there are just two major hurdles (and a handful of minor ones) left in my A.C. application so it still looks like I will be able to release it this year.

Looking at E3 and my normal Nintendo predictions: I expect there will be a Pokemon mini-direct type of presentation before Nintendo's E3 week starts. I expect a new (to the series) Smash Bros. fighter (my guess is Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2) will be introduced during the Switch Spotlight video. Lastly I predict that at least one new Labo set (slated for release during the holiday season) will be reviled.

I have finished and released the update for Anime Face, but in the process I wasn't digging the changes to iOS development (specifically supporting the iPhone X) and I don't feel like making more updates. At this point I am not planning on any updates to my existing applications. I am planning to release A.C. on iOS sometime this year and I am still working on other apps for the iOS platform as well. Although if I start any new game it will most likely not be for an iOS platform.

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