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I have run into some issues with adding support for iOS 11 and iPhone X to Anime Face. I think I have gotten past most of the issues resolved now but I still have one known issue on the iPad which I need to address. Hopefully, I will have the update ready in January.

I have started working on an update for Anime Face, but I also started working on a brand new game. Actually the new game is just a new take of a game I previously worked on. I am taking a different approach for working on this game as I am writing it in Java and working with a short sprint/prototype development process. As an example of the shorter process I am currently working on the fourth prototype even though I started the game in the middle of July.

My development on G.B.D. has been going really well and I want to continue working on it. I am also excited to get more done on G.K. but I feel like I need to switch over to work on a new Anime Face update soon.
I don't really know what to expect from Nintendo's E3 this year, but I do expect there will be some surprises. I expect that Nintendo will release details about the Switch's Virtual Console sometime during the week of E3. I think we could hear about a Pokemon game for Holiday 2017, but if this happens I expect it to be a spin off game where Pokken Tournament on the Switch makes the most sense to me. A big surprise would be the announcement of a Zelda mobile game reveal at WWDC, but this type of reveal is more likely at Apple's September event.

I enjoyed my time off at the end of the year even though I was sick for part of it. I didn't end up starting working on a new version of Anime Face since I just wasn't feeling it, but I did make some good progress on the applications I did work on.
I am looking forward to the Switch info reveal coming up this week, but I am afraid that I will not be able to buy it on launch day through pre-order or other means. I am just fearful that the demand will out way the quantity which I expect will be lower than it should be.

I don't have very much news right now. I have been focusing my development time on G.B.D. which I just finished the current sprint and I will be starting a new sprint today. I am getting ready for taking some time off at the end of the year, and I am considering starting another update for Anime Face during that time.

Well I guess I can't predict anything with E3 these days.
I was on vacation last week and I was planning to work on my projects some, but I barely got anything done. So I basically lost over week of development time, but I did enjoy my vacation and spending time with family which is good.

I normally try to make E3 productions for Nintendo around this time, but it sounds like Nintendo is not showing of NX and only showing off Zelda for Wii U. I expect that they will reveal the name of the game which I expect will have something to do with a book. I do expect we are due for a Nintendo Direct and I expect we will get one in the next two weeks and right now I think June 2nd is the most likely date.

After almost nine years, I have finally upgraded my computer. Although I am still going through the migration process I like my new computer and it should really help with my iOS development (especially with time). My old computer took minutes to start the iOS simulator but I think my new one started it in about 10 seconds when I tested it yesterday. I wanted to hold off on working on an update to Anime Face until I got my new computer, so I should be starting working on version 2.4 in the near future.

I made some good progress on the update for 1D over my end of year break so a release could be in a month or two assuming I don't run into any other issues. I also got an iOS controller for Christmas, so adding gamepad support has bumped up in my plans. I am getting ready to work on adding gamepad support for my G.B.D. game and then I will be looking at adding it to 1D and Starship: Collector for their next updates.

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